Sermon: The Rev. Katie Wright - “Salvation and why all the lake house windows should point towards the water” - August 7, 2016

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9 a.m. in the Historic Church

By St. David's Episcopal Church 08/08/2016 02:09 PM

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  1. Susan Perry wrote on 10/29/2016 11:58 PM

    Katie, I just listened to this sermon from 8/7/16. I love it so much. When you finished the sermon and said amen, the natural response I gave was amen right there with your voice. I loved the lesson cited in the sermon, and I loved the collect referenced also. I loved the daily life pearls illustrating the image of looking to God with gratitude and respect and not fear. Oh, joy, heaven will be fun--death be not proud because we do not fear. Amen! thank you, Katie. It is always helpful to be reminded I do not have to be perfect to go to heaven. I am indeed grateful. Love to you, Susan

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