“Following with Firmness in Love” by the Rev. Katie Wright - June 26, 2016

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Historic Church Sermon, 9 a.m., June 26, 2016

By St. David's Episcopal Church 06/27/2016 03:55 PM

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  1. Anne Hawken wrote on 07/01/2016 02:55 PM

    Thank you for another insightful and personal sermon. God Bless.

  2. Susan Perry wrote on 10/29/2016 12:05 AM

    Dear Kate, I am listening to your sermons here in Dallas. I love my new school, the Montessori Institute of North Texas, and I love living across the street from the school! A lot of work is involved, and I am adapting my life every week to accommodate the assignment load. I listen to your sermons. They help me to get still and quiet. I like your voice very much. I get a taste of home. I also like the challenge of hearing a familiar parable in a frame-breaking way and of hearing repeated constants about our Christian life together, as we struggle into the invitation to love our neighbor as our self.

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